7 sins

The 7 sins are also called the capital vices or cardinal sins. These are habits and behaviors that are considered wrong and prohibited in the Bible. These sins are all over the place and can have devastating consequences to a person’s life. Here’s a look at some of the more common ones. Let’s begin with the capital vices. What are they? These are habits that can destroy a relationship and cause many other problems in a person’s life.

The seven sins in the game are represented by different women. The colours on these symbols represent the seven deadly evils. This helps you identify the sins easily. The maximum payout for 7 Sins is 250 credits. There’s a great deal of fun to be had playing this slot game. And the best part is, it’s a no-risk option, so it’s perfect for the novice gambler. You can also play for free at an online casino to try it out and decide if it’s for you.

The seven symbol is a wild card in this slot game. It can replace any other symbol on the reels. It also acts as a double wild symbol. This makes it possible to create combinations of 7 symbols, and combinations of 7 symbols can be worth up to 700 credits. As with many other games, there are different ways to win. You can play the game with any amount of money, from a small penny to a large amount of money.

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