Gold star

The Gold Star families for peace organization is an offshoot of the group Military Families Speak Out. It was founded by those who lost loved ones in the Iraq war. The group’s aim is to educate people about the effects of war and promote peace. Listed below are some reasons why you should support the organization. This article outlines some of the main goals of Gold Star Families for Peace. They also offer practical suggestions on how to help those who are suffering in a conflict zone.

There are two main groups of recipients for the Gold Star. There are the family members of a deceased service member and the relatives of a surviving family member. In addition to the family members, surviving relatives are also eligible to receive a Gold Star. The surviving spouse and children are given the award if the family member was killed in action while serving their country. The Navy GoldStar program is intended to help grieving families by recognizing their loved ones.

Families of a fallen member of the military display the gold star to show their support. This is often done with a lapel pin or service medal. In some cases, the family may also display the gold star in a window or on a service flag. In such a case, it alerts people of the deceased’s loss. In addition to commemorating the family, the Goldstar is also a symbol of the nation’s support of the military.

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