Some Tips on How to Find Online Casino Cheaters

blog post - Some Tips on How to Find Online Casino Cheaters

People are starting to appreciate the convenience of playing online casino games these days, especially during the pandemic. Even those who prefer to gamble in casino houses began to try their luck in online casinos, and there's a lot of options available. All you need to find is a reliable one, avoid online casino cheaters and you're all set.

Aside from many options available, gamblers also find these online casinos exceptional because you can choose from numerous games in one sitting. Regardless if it's a slot or a table game, like poker, they offer over 50 games. Some even have more or less 1000 games with exciting graphics and themes.

Quick Overview about Gambling Collusion in Online Casinos

How to Find Online Casino Cheaters

Since there are many games available only, some gamblers were curious about whether others can cheat in online casinos. You can easily see a cheater when you're playing with them in a room, or you're one of the spectators, watching the game. However, it doesn't work the same for online casinos.

Some would still find ways to cheat, and it's what they refer to as “Gambling Collusion.” It's a new way, yet it partly needs effort from cheaters since it involves technology. It usually occurs when more than two players are working on ideas on how they can affect other online gamblers' winnings.

One gambler can also do it, and it's what they refer to as “Self-Collusion.” Cheaters create multiple accounts in online casinos, and they simultaneously play these accounts.

Ways on How to Sport Gambling Collusion and find Online Casino Cheaters

How to Find Online Casino Cheaters gambling

There are various ways of how players take advantage of gambling collusion. Here are some ideas on how to find online casino cheaters.


This practice is when a cheater uses many accounts to help one of his or her account wins.

It's typical on multi-player games, like poker or blackjack, where it lets them see all the cards in play, and maps that are not.

Chip Dumping

It occurs when you're playing online poker, and a gambler loses or dumps his or her chips intentionally. The effects of this practice let the cheater gain competitive gain on tournament plays.

It can also lead to money laundering because the cheater can deposit money in many accounts, use all accounts and let the match lose so that the single account can get all the winnings.

Bonus Fraud – Online Casino Cheaters

How to Find Online Casino Cheaters bonuses

Online casinos are very generous in providing sign-up bonuses for newbies to keep their loyalty. Cheaters also use this practice, yet it needs some requirements.

They have to gamble first and withdraw the full amount. They will do the same procedures on the succeeding instances.

It's always your choice if you want to use these practices to gain more.

However, these are illegal, and it might lead you to awkward encounters with legal authorities. It's always best to know these ways to detect one while you're on the play.

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